Facial Peel

Most women have at least heard of the chemical treatments known as facial peels. Sometimes better known as chemical peels, these treatments are designed to be effective in such important skin care goals as wrinkle removal and sun damage. The fact is that a peel can benefit you in many ways, as almost any damage or imperfection affecting the skin on your face – spots, scars, and freckles included – can be managed in some degree by the use of facial peels.

So many facial treatments

Unfortunately, many women become confused by the seemingly endless variety of facial products they see before them on a daily basis. Determining which one is the right one can be a frustrating and downright maddening proposition. However, with the right information and a keen basic understanding of the most common types of facial peels from which they will have to choose, most women are able to make more informed decisions about their facial care needs.

The light peels

Facial Peel Many women at least begin with the light facial peels that are found in most pharmacies and which can be purchased without a prescription. The main active ingredient in these peels is AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid), which works to peel off the very outer debris that consists of dead epidermis skin cells. If your skin has a grayish tone to it, chances are that you have accumulated a large number of these dead cells. Simply removing them with a light peel is one of the quickest ways to rejuvenate your skin and give it a new and healthier glow.

The medium peels

If the light facial peels don’t work for you, then you will probably need to resort to more involved treatment at the dermatologist’s office. Most medical professionals performing a medium peel will utilize something like TCA (Tri-Chloroacetic Acid) for such things as scarring and uneven pigment in the facial area. Much easier on the skin than some of the more heavy peels, these medium peels can manage most forms of skin irregularities without causing too much discomfort.

The Heavy peels

Heavy facial peels are those which can only be performed by a competent physician. Unlike the lesser intensity peels, these peels involve peeling away far more layers of epidermis, and are very effective in diminishing the aesthetic damage caused by scarring. In addition, deep lines in the face and severe blemishing can often only be managed through the use of the more intense chemical peels, usually after all other efforts have failed to produce the desired results.

Side Effects

As with all other forms of medical treatment, there is always a risk of side effects from using facial peels of any intensity. Rashes can sometimes develop, as can a variety of other negative skin reactions to the chemicals used in the various processes. The one exception to this appears to be the lightest facial peels, which seldom produce even minor side effects. The more intense peels can even create the possibility for infection or additional scarring if done improperly, which is why they can only be administered by competent medical professionals.

In the end, the type of facial peels that work best for you will be subject to so many different factors that it would be impossible to judge them all without the advice of a doctor. Your best bet when first trying these treatments is to begin with the lightest peels to determine their effectiveness, and consult a doctor in the event that light peels are not sufficient for your skin care needs. He or she will be able to best determine which more advanced form of treatment is best for you.